June 1, 2021

The past couple of weeks have been flying by so we wanted to take some time and look back on an event we did at the beginning of July with Numo on 124st for their Grand Opening. The day was filled with sunshine and sexy beats, all in the name of cannabis and good times. 

Syd (on the right) took a few hours off from the facility to join me outside spreading the good word about Viridis. Syd works as an Assistant Grower at Viridis and helps with hand trimming, hand watering, and speaking sweet nothings to our plant babies so they grow up big and strong. 

Edmonton’s famous Vignette’s created a beautiful entrance for the store that transported you into another world. 

Who doesn’t love a good swag table?! If you took the time to stop by and learn about us, thank you! We love educating the public on our growing techniques and horticulture values. We are YOUR Local LP!

The alleyway with all of the vendors. Lot’s of space to roam and so many things to check out. Big thanks to Numo for hosting us and also to the girl behind the lens, Kalli Huns @huns.creative for all of the photos. Go check her out! 


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