June 1, 2021

Spring has arrived! As we emerge from the fog of winter hibernation we can begin to look forward to longer days and sunnier weather. The transition from winter to spring can be bumpy as we bounce between those sunny days and snowstorms, but Viridis is here to help you get through the in-between season!

Our top two sativas, Durban Spice and Chocolope, have been carefully chosen, to ensure you have what it takes to rise and shine whatever the weather outdoors! With incredible boosts of euphoric energy these two powerful sativas will ensure you have what it takes to get ‘er done every day.


Chocolope is an ambitious plant, reaching for the sky! Chocolope has displayed some incredible stretch rates as this plant reaches for the light and growers must use extra caution to make sure the plants don’t touch the lights in their climb for height.

Our growers also report an extreme amount of resin coverage that expands out past the sugar leaves and in some cases on the fan leaves, which are great indicators that this plant is packing a punch.

Durban Spice (Durban Poison) features razor sharp leaves that are most definitely characteristic of land race strains and show that this plant means business.


They are both nearly pure sativas! This is hard to find on the market currently since most modern genetics are technically hybrids.

Durban Spice (Durban Poison) is a timeless land race strain from South Africa that offers a nice “pick me up” effect for consumers.

Land race strains are not necessarily better or worse than any modern genetics – they are just less diluted, keeping the genetics pure. It’s a bit like the plant is a living time capsule that gives us a sneak peek into the cannabis of our ancestors.

Chocolope is a cross between chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze that is often referred to as “a strong cup of coffee without the coffee”.

Viridis is excited to feature these two strains not only because we love growing them, but also because we believe they encompass exactly what people are looking for in their sativa smoke.

Users are reporting Durban Spice as creating a very engaging and active high, which is great for users that enjoy consuming before physically demanding activities.

Chocolope has been said to have similar energetic effects, but with a slightly heavier euphoria then the Durban spice.

Note: due to the pure sativa lineage these strains can potentially induce paranoia in newer users. We recommend new users indulge with caution as they explore the many varieties offered by Viridis.

You can get your hands on our high quality, hand crafted cannabis by asking your bud tender about Durban Spice and Chocolope by Viridis Cannabis!

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