Nova x Viridis “Top 5 Sesh Spots in Alberta”

June 1, 2021

Cascade Ponds via Legacy Trail – Best paired with Viridis King Royale

I know what you’re thinking, Legacy Trail is a tourist thing to do. But, there’s a reason why tourists do these things and it’s because said thing is incredible. Cascade Ponds is no exception. You can get there the long way via Canmore and the Legacy Trail or it’s a quick trip from Banff. There are picnic tables around that you can sit on or cruise down by the river and grab a rock. No matter where you land, you’ve got 360 degree views fit for a King or Queen.

Castle River, Pincher Creek – Best Paired with Viridis Northern Lights

If you ever find yourself down south, you’ve got to check out this dope little spot along Castle River. Be sure to arrive with some light and make sure you’ve packed your camping gear. There are a bunch of spots you can camp and because of where it’s located, there is little to no light pollution which means premo stargazing conditions. If you’re lucky, you might even see a flash of the Northern Lights.

Mountains, trees, creek, blue sky

Goat Creek – Best Paired with Viridis Durban Spice

Fill your adventure cup with this 37.3 KM long trail that connects Canmore and Banff. If you’re looking to amp up your day, we suggest renting a mountain bike from one of the town’s local shops and take a trip down this epic trail. Expect to be elevated and STOKED for the whole ride!

Mount Albert, Beauvais Lake Provincial Park – Best Paired with Viridis White Widow

This chill spot is perfect for those trying to escape the crowds. Once you hike up the initial part of the trail, there is a bench you can sit on. Here you will see massive fields of wildflowers and a stunning mountain range. You can choose to go further or sit and be fit. Either way, you will have no shortage of beauty and fresh, mountain air. 

Top of Siffleur Falls – Best Paired with Viridis Blue Dream

This spot used to be one of Alberta’s best kept secrets but something so magical cannot stay under wraps for too long. Also, keep in mind as you hike further up the trail, you will see less and less people and there are three waterfalls on this trail so plenty of nature for everyone! Our favourite spot is by the river on a rock that naturally formed into a “nature couch”. Make sure you pack your little buddy, Blue Dream and possibly some bear spray and enjoy the views, my friend. 

Written by Angie Clark @ViridisCannabis

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