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The New Faces of Cannabis: Smashing Stereotypes


The new faces of cannabis: they are young, they are educated, and they make informed choices about their consumer purchases, including cannabis.

Take Sarah. She is about to graduate from university, is a strong academic performer, and uses cannabis on an occasional basis. She is selective about everything – the ingredients of the cosmetics she puts on her skin, the origin of the clothing she buys, and especially what she puts into her body. That is why consumers like Sarah are choosing small-batch cannabis from producers like Viridis.

“We are the research generation,” she says. “We don’t consume blindly, and we don’t buy based on marketing – we want to know who is producing what we buy and how they are doing it.”

And this is why the next generation of cannabis consumers is choosing Viridis; they appreciate hand-crafted and naturally grown and harvested cannabis.

Knowing how and where the cannabis is grown matters. And knowing that the creators care about their craft – and are doing more than making a product – appeals to young consumers like Sarah, who care about the experience and the creative process.

This is the generation that understands cannabis strains and the different methods for producing cannabis, and how each of these elements can impact the product. And this is the first generation of Canadians enjoying legal recreational cannabis, allowing them to explore the many products available to them.

So why choose Viridis?

“Albertan, hand-crafted cannabis? With a great product that reflects the way it’s grown and a great experience for the consumer? Why wouldn’t you choose Viridis?” asks Sarah, one of the new faces of Canadian cannabis consumers.