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Cannabis Friendly Festivals in Alberta!

If you are in Alberta during the summer, you understand that we only get so much time to bask in the sun… and we do it in big ways. 

We call the summer festival season because there’s always something happening. There is an event for every walk of life, and the community always come together to make it worthwhile. 

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there are some hot spots to hit up if you feel like indulging…

BUT FIRST: make sure to learn the cannabis friendly zones at each event you plan to attend. Save yourself the hassle of paying fines for breaking rules!
Follow along and learn where you can roll up… 

Edmonton Folk Fest

Edmonton Folk Fest is Legendary! 

Sitting back on the grassy hill of Gallagher Park (and enjoying the sounds of the worlds greatest folk musicians) is revered by Edmontonians.
But this year, it gets even better...

With the 40th anniversary upon us, event organisers have fully embraced cannabis culture. There’s an all-new “smoker’s corner,” built separate from the beer gardens and smoking section. Recreational cannabis users can now freely partake in their craft!

This year’s lineup consists of some really huge artists including Ani DiFranco, Blue rodeo, Hosier, Amanda Shires, Hurray for The Riff Raff and many more. The festival features countless other acts, including some local talent! 

Grab your tickets before they sell out, the party starts on August 8th.

Calgary Folk Fest - Calgary Folk Fest

Just like Edmonton, Calgary Folk Fest is working out the kinks of on-site cannabis consumption. 

Organizers are setting up a fenced area specifically for cannabis consumption. This designated area will still be in view of the all the stages on Prince’s Island Park—you won’t have to sacrifice any of your festival experience for a smoke break! 

It is meant to be a drop-in, meaning patrons are encouraged against extended stays in the space.

It will also staffed by private security who will check IDs to ensure patrons are the legal age for consumption, and will remain separate from other parts of the venue including: beer gardens, marketplaces and food vendors.  

The festival runs from Thursday, July 25th to Sunday, the 28th and features some great acts like the Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, Ndidi O, the Strumbellas and Eekwol & tT-Rhyme.

Astral Harvest

Astral Harvest is an arts, culture, knowledge and music festival held on the North Country Fair festival grounds. The festival features world renowned performances and workshops suitable for people from all walks of life. 

It only runs July 4th-7th 2019, but has so much to offer! 

It has everything from meticulously crafted stages, to yoga workshops, to endless arts installations and  spaces designated just for creation. 

They even have courses you can take at “Astral Harvard”, the education station for sustainable lifestyles and great life hacks. 

The music ranges from electronic to acoustic, and you’ll always find a tent side jam session. 

As far as smoking is concerned: they permit it, but highly encourage mindfulness. For example: keep is away from the kids and other folks with respiratory issues. 

They even provide personal ashtrays to keep you conscious of the land you are celebrating! 

It’s a great space for encouragement and support from like minded peers. 

There are a few other events that haven’t been clear on a definite yes or no. For example, Chaos AB in kinsmen park has only stated that no outside liquor or illicit substances are permitted. 

Badlands Fest says they have designated smoking areas, but packages must be sealed upon entering the grounds. 

Edmonton Reggae Jamboree Fest
is outdoors at Louise Mckinney Park but is an all ages event. 

Calgary’s Chinatown Street Festival is right on 3 Avenue Southeast right downtown. As long as you are abiding by local legislation you’re on the clear!  - child holding lantern

This isn’t a huge list, but legalization is still young! Many event organizers are testing the waters for the first time. 

Keep in mind that many of these events are family friendly. Some parents don’t want their children exposed to cannabis at a young age. 

Be considerate of those around you. Know your designated smoking areas, or find a reasonable place consume before entering an all-ages festival grounds.