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6 Saskatchewan Dispensaries You Should Know About

Looking for the best spots to purchase retail cannabis in Canada? Previously, we gave you a list of 6 Notable Cannabis Shops in Alberta. It’s almost been a year since legalization, but we’ve barely said a word about our neighbouring province! 

Now, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: A list of some of Saskatchewan’s BEST dispensaries…

(Some of who MIGHT end up carrying our Batch #1) 


Kiaro Cannabis
(Image source: @mykiaro on Instagram) 


“Kiaro means light. Because cannabis can be, well, illuminating. And because this plant we love is finally having its moment to shine.” 

 Kiaro is best described as bright, vibrant, and sunny. Walking into one of Kairo’s stores feels like your first steps onto a warm beach...

 That warmth is very present in their customer service—they value their dedicated customers through a VIP Access Kiaro Membership program. Do you like online shopping, exclusive offers, early product notifications, and a customized shopping experience? You can register here, or ask about a membership in-store. 

Lucky for you, they have TWO Saskawtchewan locations! 


SASKATOON: 212 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0Y5 

Sun - Tue | 10am - 8pm

Wed - Sat | 10am - 10pm


LA RONGE: 1220 La Ronge Avenue, La Ronge, SK S0J 1L0

Mon - Sat | 10am - 8pm 

Sun | 1pm - 8pm

Prairie Records 

Prairie Records Cannabis

(Photo source: @prarierecords Instagram) 


Ever get nostalgic for the old days of picking through records at the record store? The excitement of leaving with a new album you’d never heard before? This retailer merges record store nostalgia with the modern cannabis-shopping experience... 

Prairie Records is HANDS DOWN one of the coolest Canabian cannabis companies. They’re not your typical cannabis dispensary: the shopping experience is more than just a transaction. Their one-of-a-kind, immersive customer experience is centred around happiness, discovery, enjoyment, and a love of music! 

Browse through “records” with the names, THC and CBD levels, and strains of a wide variety of cannabis products. 

Cannabis and music have always had an inherent relationship… and Prairie Records is here to explore that. 

They have TWO locations in Saskatoon, and one in Warman… and they have plans to open over 20 more across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. 


SASKATOON - BROADWAY: 720 Broadway Ave

Sun - Thurs | 10am - 10pm

Fri - Sat | 10am - 12am


SASKATOON - STONEBRIDGE: 3020 Preston Ave S #170,

Sat - Thurs | 10am - 10pm

Fri | 10am -12am


WARMAN: 100 2nd Ave N

Sun - Sat | 10am - 10pm

WIID Boutique 

WILD Boutique Cannabis

(Photo source: @WIIDboutique Instagram) 


Wiid Boutique is psychedelic, colourful, sweet, and cutting edge. Have you ever heard of a dispensary incorporating virtual reality & augmented reality into their events? Well, you have now! 

Wiid brings vibrancy to their local cannabis community. They host educational events that range from terpene knowledge, to DIY cannabis growth basics. Their “Talk Terpy To Me” workshop incorporated a virtual reality walkthrough and an augmented reality app that showcased 3D product visuals.

Not to mention they have semi-regular contests and giveaways… and some of the most stylish dispensary merch on the market.    


REGINA: 4554 Albert St

Sun - Sat | 10am - 10pm

Wild Boutique Cannabis

(Photo source: @WIIDboutique Instagram) 

Living Skies Cannabis 

Living Skies Cannabis

Living Skies Cannabis has an incredibly unique origin story. 

Cierra Sieben-Chuback found an interest in Cannabis when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Overwhelmed by the amount of medication she had to take daily, she started looking for alternatives. 

Her positive experience with cannabis sparked her entrepreneurship, and lead her to open one of the first recreational cannabis retails stores in all of Canada. 

Living Skies opening in 2018 made Cierra the youngest cannabis entrepreneur in Canada. Don’t let that scare you! Cannabis retail is a young industry, so it’s important to have dispensaries run by energetic, creative, passionate people who are committed to staying on the cutting edge. 

Located in the historical Avenue Building, Living Skies Cannabis is an easy stop at the centre of downtown Saskatoon.  


SASKATOON: 208 3 rd Avenue South

Mon - Wed | 11am - 7pm

Thurs | 11am - 9pm

Fri - Sat | 11am - 11pm

Sun | 12pm - 6pm

Spirit Leaf

Spirit Leaf Cannabis

(Photo source: @spiritleafcannabis Instagram) 


“Spiritleaf is about enjoying life with those who make us happy, and viewing every day as an opportunity to try something new.

Breaking from norms, embracing the unexpected and sharing meaningful moments that shape who we are.” 

We’ll introduce you to Spiritleaf with a fun fact: Spiritleaf is the only Canadian cannabis company to be granted Canadian Franchise Association Membership. This means if you want to open your own Spiritleaf, you can!  

Spiritleaf aims to be one of the most trusted sources of recreational cannabis, and they’re doing a great job.  

They’ve got more than 30 stores across Canada, with only one location in Saskatchewan currently… maybe you could be the next? 


MOOSEJAW: 1251 Main Street North

Mon - Tues | 10am - 8pm

Wed - Sat | 10am - 10pm

Sun | 12pm - 8pm



(Photo source: @5budswarman Instagram) 

If you believe in supporting local,
5Buds is a local Saskatchewan business that commits themselves to supporting local… that’s a support local double-whammy! 

5Buds is committed to Canada: 100% of their products are hosted, processed, and handled in Canada. 

They believe in being good neighbours. Profits from their stores go towards economic development for 13 First Nations in their province, and they partner with local organizations to improve the quality of life in their communities.  

Support local to support local! 


WARMAN: 18-810 Centennial Boulevard

Mon - Sat | 10am - 8pm

Sun | 11am - 6pm


NORTH BATTLEFORD: 104-312 Territorial Drive

Mon - Sat | 10am - 8pm

Sun | 11am - 6pm



Viridis Cannabis

If you’re asking yourself “will I be able to purchase Viridis batch #1 at any of these stores?!?!?” don’t worry, we’re working on it 😜

If you’re a retail cannabis store owner and you’re looking to bring some of our product to your shelves, don’t hesitate to contact us!