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The Story of Viridis

We take a balanced, holistic approach to growing cannabis, using traditional and technological methods. In the end, our product is high-quality, small-batch and natural, grown from the earth, making us one of Canada’s unique craft cannabis producers. 

We proudly operate a thoughtful, methodical, and educational approach to our business, our product, and our audience.

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Grown with precision, harvested by hand. Quality you can taste, smell & feel


In a burgeoning industry already known for sterile, hydroponic growth, Viridis is a beacon for change. Our background in horticulture has shown us the powerful potential of natural plant growth. Not only does soil provide a more natural, traditional process, but it also ensures the highest quality cannabis is produced.

With TLC going to the growth of each plant, Viridis proudly hand-harvests the fruits of our garden located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.




The Viridis story is one of perseverance, hard work, dedication to one’s craft, and a motive to create an accessible product to help those seeking a high quality natural alternative. Viridis is proud to be one of Canada’s craft cannabis producers growing high-quality, small batch, hand-harvested, natural cannabis.

After four years of working hand in hand with Health Canada and managing the rigorous licensing process, we have built a world class facility to grow top grade hand crafted cannabis and related derivatives.

The future is green.